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Managing expenses and travel invoices has never been easier.

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork with travel expense reports and tracking mileage, or do you...

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5 tips for increasing the level of automation in the real estate industry

In the real estate industry, cost-effectiveness and accuracy are essential. Digitalisation and...

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Fram Eiendom is building sustainable cities and a finance department.

Fram Eiendom is a leading property developer focusing on creating a positive impact on local...

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New connection between Compello and House of Control: AI Booster

Compello has recently entered into an exciting partnership with another company in the Visma...

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Compello and Vieri: The Future of Procure-to-Pay Solutions

It is with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with the software company Vieri....

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Compello and Visma Acubiz join forces for automated expense management.

In an exciting development in financial technology, Visma Acubiz and Compello have officially...

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Are you a conscious accountant?

One thing that (hopefully) machines and technology will never be able to take from us is...

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AI in invoicehandling: Automated invoice workflow and control.

In today's digital age, businesses are looking for innovative solutions to automate and streamline...

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Save valuable time with AI

Conscious CFOs are asking how artificial intelligence (AI) can be integrated into the finance...

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The Best Ways for a Finance Department to Operate

A modern finance department plays a crucial role in the overall success of an organization. With...

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6 Factors of a good invoice system

Many CFOs we meet tell us about the extensive manual work with invoices: They often have to split...

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Can AI take over the job of an accountant?

Technology provides us with a lot: efficiency, communication, information, and entertainment, to...

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Europris sets the standard with 93% invoice automation!

Europris, Norway's leading discount chain, has made significant progress in streamlining its...

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How to achieve a paperless finance department with Compello

The transition to a paperless finance department can help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and...

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