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Fram Eiendom is building sustainable cities and a finance department.

Fram Eiendom is a leading property developer focusing on creating a positive impact on local communities through their long-term, quality-conscious, and sustainable approach to property development.

Their projects have contributed to making a noticeable difference, and they are recognised as a key player in the development of the city.

The company's philosophy is simple: development is not just about making money, but also about contributing to a positive local community and creating lasting values.

"It has been a true pleasure to collaborate with Fram Eiendom over the past few years. Their commitment and trust in our service have been a crucial factor in our shared success. We appreciate their constructive feedback and ongoing support, and look forward to continuing to work together to automate their invoice flow."

Sondre Beck Solberg, Customer Success Manager, Compello

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With nearly half a million square meters in property assets and over 60 properties, it's naturally a challenge to manage numerous documents. Besides a large volume of properties and documents, they have a corporate structure comprising 4 group companies and over 136 companies in Compello. Here, they easily get an overview of all companies with a single login, along with significant time savings on many of the tasks they handle daily.

“By automating and digitizing routine tasks, we free up time and resources that can be used to explore new ideas, improve existing systems, and further develop Fram Eiendom's vision. With a focus on innovation and value creation, we will continue to grow and develop as a leading company in property development.” Nina Corneliussen, CFO, Fram Eiendom AS.

Automate sustainability

Both of us share a commitment to sustainability and the environment. Fram Eiendom's projects are distinguished by a unique ability to understand local needs and find innovative solutions that contribute positively to urban development. They consistently maintain and focus on sustainability in every aspect, creating lasting value!

By digitising their invoice flow, they also save the environment by encouraging their subcontractors to send documents via EHF, avoiding unnecessary paper handling, and managing their archives in the cloud.

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