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Managing expenses and travel invoices has never been easier.

Managing expenses and travel invoices has never been easier.

Are you tired of drowning in paperwork with travel expense reports and tracking mileage, or do you feel the frustration of keeping track of countless expenses? 

Imagine if expense management could transform from tedious paperwork into something almost fun?

With the right combination of technology and innovation, this necessary, time-consuming responsibility can become both more efficient and easier to manage.

With the ability to take pictures of receipts, fill out information, and submit expenses effortlessly, your employees' expenses get reimbursed faster, while you also have up-to-date information on expenses at all times.

3 Myths About Expense Management:

1. Expense Management is Only for Big Companies...

Many believe that only large companies benefit from automated expense management, but the truth is that businesses of all sizes can save time and money by having a systematic approach to their expenses. Small businesses often overlook this in their daily operations, which can lead to unnecessary costs. A good expense management solution can digitalize and automate several manual processes, provide better oversight, and increase the company's profit.

2. Expense Management is Difficult to Implement...

It's a widespread myth that starting with expense management is a huge project. In fact, with advanced technology and user-friendly platforms, it is now easier than ever. You don't need large IT projects or teams of specialists to get started, and the financial benefits and improvements can be seen quickly.

3. Expense Management is Only About Saving Money...

Many think that the goal of expense management is just to cut costs, but it offers so much more. A well-designed expense management solution provides better insight into the company's spending, increases control over employee expenses to minimize fraud, automates time-consuming tasks, and improves reporting. This can help management make better decisions and promote the business.



We can confidently say that these myths no longer hold true. Our integration with Visma Acubiz will merge Visma Acubiz's expertise in automatic expense management with Compello's advanced solutions for invoice management.

This solution ensures that you don't have to deal with third parties or worry about hidden costs. With a dedicated team ready to set up the integration for you, you can now simplify how you manage expenses.

Derfor skal du automatisere utgiftshåndteringen:

Through the partnership between Compello and Visma Acubiz, a seamless integration is offered that automates expense management, leading to several benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Automation decreases the time it takes to process each expense, from collecting receipts to approval and reimbursement.
  • Reduced costs: By minimizing the need for manual handling, businesses can save on labor costs and decrease expenses related to paper-based systems.
  • Improved accuracy: Reduces human errors that can occur with manual data entry. Automation ensures data is recorded correctly, preventing costly mistakes.
  • Faster processing time: Travel and expenses get approved and reimbursed quicker, improving employee satisfaction and encouraging compliance with expense policies.
  • Better Policy Adherence: The system can be programmed to automatically check all expense reports against the company's policies, ensuring all claims comply with internal rules and external regulatory requirements.
  • Easy access to data: Managers can easily extract reports and analyse expense data to identify trends, discover saving potentials, and make informed decisions.
  • Enhanced eecurity: With electronic storage and processing of expense data, sensitive information is better protected against security risks such as loss or theft of physical documents.
  • Environmental responsibility: Reduces paper use and contributes to more sustainable operations by digitizing processes and archiving.
  • Satisfied employees: Simplifies the process for employees, who can submit expenses more quickly and easily, and receive reimbursements sooner.

Managing expenses digitally is not only good for your business; it's also beneficial for the environment. By adopting digital processes and reducing the need for paperwork, you contribute to preserving nature and creating a more sustainable future.

Make your expense management paperless and save time while helping to protect our planet.


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