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The strength behind strong passwords

Security trends in 2023 will focus on automated solutions, AI-based tools such as ChatGPT and...

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Cybersecurity in the accounting industry

Cyberattacks have become a major concern for all industries, including (if not especially) the...

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Now is the time digital investments really matter

Finance and financial leaders believe in an increasingly automated industry in 2023 and beyond,...

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Phishing attacks and invoice management: How to protect your business

In a time where digitalization and automation are taking over an increasingly larger part of...

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Cyber attacks against accountants

The digital landscape has rapidly evolved over recent years, leading to a surge in cyber...

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AI improves the security in invoice management

AI, or artificial intelligence, offers many advantages in detecting threats, anticipating attacks,...

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How secure is your password?

One of the simplest ways for cybercriminals to gain access to systems is through login credentials...

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