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Cyber attacks against accountants

The digital landscape has rapidly evolved over recent years, leading to a surge in cyber activities. Unfortunately, this also means an increase in malicious activities. All industries are affected, but the ramifications of attacks, particularly on the accounting sector, are colossal.

In the wake of the pandemic, the accounting sector has experienced an alarming surge of 300% in cyber attacks!

The digital evolution has changed the threat landscape for many, and cyberattacks targeting accountants have become increasingly prevalent. Due to the amount of sensitive data they manage, accountants are particularly attractive targets for cybercriminals. In the worst-case scenario, these attacks can result in significant financial losses for the business, while the company's trust is at stake.

In light of this alarming and unstoppable trend, it is crucial for accountants to acknowledge the looming danger and proactively safeguard not only their clients' valuable information but also their own operations.

3 reasons why accountants are more vulnerable to attacks:

1. Sensitive Information:
Financial institutions and accounting systems handle sensitive information such as names, addresses, identification numbers, and banking information.

2. Client Base:
Accounting firms have multiple clients. By targeting one firm, an attacker can potentially access multiple individuals and businesses, increasing the number of victims.

3. Hybrid Work Environment:
The rapid shift to cloud computing, digitisation, and restructuring over the past two years due to the pandemic means many companies have hastily adopted new systems without establishing security protocols and routines.

Protect yourself and your data!

Here are some basic tips:

  • MFA (Multi-factor Authentication), also known as Two-factor Authentication, is a must. This needs to be in place and protects against 99.9% of cyberattacks.
  • Test, Test, Test! Regularly test your infrastructure for vulnerabilities.
  • Create a Security Culture within your company. Spread the word about security, raise awareness, and make it a part of the work culture.
  • Have an Emergency Response Plan ready for when an attack occurs.
  • Ongoing Risk Assessment: This gives you an overview and allows you to prioritize measures.
  • Be Active in All Forums and Security Networks you can find! People generally share valuable information freely.

Accountants possess valuable information that attracts cybercriminals.

Thus, they are a primary target. Strong security measures are essential. To protect information and maintain trust, accountants must always be vigilant against digital threats.


Inform the police if you suspect an attack or have been a victim of fraud/scam.

Cybersecurity in Compello

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