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In this blog you will get to follow Compello employee Martin Polash who has set the ambitious goal of competing in table tennis at the Paralympics in 2020. Besides following Martin’s exciting journey, peaks and valleys, you will get to read about other inspirational topics of importance including diversity, bullying, disability in the workplace and more. Hop on!

Compello proud sponsor of Martin Polash – we will win together!

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Written by Torgeir Letting

CEO i Compello

At Compello Group, we have been working proactively with diversity since 2012. We want to ensure an inclusive and equal workplace where we take advantage of our employees' different skills and perspectives. Among other things, we have had a strong focus on increasing the number of women in our own organization, and in the tech industry in general through various initiatives and external networks and partnerships.

Now we’re taking on another kind of initiative when we become sponsor of one of our employees - Martin Polash - on his journey to the Paralympics 2020! We do this because we believe in Martin, because we want to highlight the importance of diversity in an organization, and because one of our strongest driving forces is our coworkers. At Compello we win together.

Martin Polash works as Partner Account Manager at Compello Stockholm Office. Martin was born with a form of cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, which means that his right arm and right leg do not have full functionality.
The fact that Martin has a disability has never stopped him; as a youth he was ranked among Sweden’s top 10 in table tennis, and today he has set a fantastic goal: Reaching the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020 to compete in table tennis for the Swedish national team.

Go for it Martin! I believe I can speak for all colleagues at Compello when I say that we are immensely proud of your tough goal, your drive and not the least your courage! - Magnus Ernolf, Managing Director, Compello Sweden

No mediocre goal setting. Martin Polash aims reaching the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020.

No mediocre goal setting. Martin aims reaching the Paralympics in Tokyo in the summer of 2020 to compete in table tennis for the Swedish national team.


We are very proud to be sponsoring Martin on his way to Tokyo - of course we will follow him throughout the whole journey. Partly through this blog, where Martin and I will raise topics that we believe are important and relevant in this context; Inclusion, corporate values, diversity, diversity management, disability the workplace and anti-bullying are some of them. And of course, we will keep a close eye on Martin’s activities; training, competitions, peaks and possible valleys.

We are also proud of Compello's strong value base where we are guided by our four values: Trustworthy, Courageous, Win Together and Playful. Inclusion is at the core of the value base and our driving force is, as mentioned, our colleagues, partners and customers. But diversity is not only a matter of values, it also creates real benefits for the business. I will return to that theme in another blog post. 


To you Martin – go for it!

I believe I can speak for all colleagues at Compello when I say that we are immensely proud of your tough goal, your drive and not the least your courage!

/Magnus Ernolf, Managing Director Sweden


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Did you know that…
• Cerebral palsy, CP, is caused by brain trauma that occurrs before the age of two.
• CP affects the ability of movement from barely noticeable to severe impairment.
• About 2 out of 1000 children in Sweden are born with Cerebral Pares
• Hemiplegia is a loss of muscle function on one body half, and is due to brain injury on the opposite side. There are several causes of hemiplegia, of which CP is one.

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